Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I love CrossFit!

We finally found our CrossFit Box! (Box is CrossFit lingo for 'gym') Karl and I have been checking out all the boxes in and around Chicago for a few months to find out which one was perfect for us... the  perfect location, perfect price, perfect atmosphere, perfect community feeling...
Well we finally found it and we are starting Monday!

CrossFit Workout

While we were shopping around for a CrossFit membership, we took lots (and I mean LOTS) of intro classes at all the different boxes. Most had the exact same "getting to know CrossFit" workout. A short and sweet, high intensity workout that gave you a little taste of what exactly it was all about. 
Here's what it was:

You do these 5 moves as fast as possible with good form... Doesn't seem very hard? Give it a try... you will be sweating at the end! And if you aren't sweating then you aren't going as fast as you should be!!

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