Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Official CrossFit Workout

I'm in looooove! CrossFit is my new all time favorite thing! It's challenging, but rewarding. And so motivating being surrounded by other people who are pushing themselves to the max.

Yesterday's WOD (Workout Of the Day) was a little different than normal... Since yesterday was Veteran's Day everyone got to choose their own "Hero Workout". There are a ton of workouts named after fallen hero's. Some have really challenging moves and some are more on the simple side, but all of them are hard because you are pushing yourself as fast and hard as you can.


Since yesterday was our first day the coaches suggested we so the "Michael" workout. 

Here's what it looked like:
800m run (half mile)
50 back extensions
50 sit ups
repeat 3X for time. 

Karl and I signed up for going 2X a week. Not only was today special because it was a Hero Workout day, but it was also a free day. So we still get to go 2 more times this week! 

After CrossFit, I came home and ate a huge plate of Ginger Broccoli and Beef... recipe to come!

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