Saturday, November 3, 2012

Geocache Running


Karl really wanted to hide a cache before we started our hunt. We live right next to a park, and there were no caches that were hidden in it, so we decided that would be a great place to put ours. After someone finds the cache they can write their name and the date inside on the piece of paper and then put it back where it was. They also log it onto the geocaching website, so we will know when someone finds it.


After we hid it we ran about a mile East- toward Lake Michigan. The first cache was somewhere on the beach, the name of it was Fit to be Tied- so we figured it had something to do with rope. After a lot of searching and thinking and searching and thinking and rereading the clues, we finally found it! This one was about the size of your thumb and was hidden between two ropes.

The next one took us a little over a mile North, and it was hidden right next to a main road. We figured out that it was hidden in a street sign, so we went around to all the street signs and searched for it. We found this one a lot quicker than the first one. It was super tiny though. The size of a fingernail. It was magnetic, so it was sticking between the post and the sign.

And of course Cooper came running with us to guard us from the evil squirrels of Chicago!

When we got home, my Garmin watch said we had gone about 3 miles. We ran the whole thing at a pretty quick pace, much faster than my average pace. Since we were stopping every mile or so it was easier to kick the speed up a notch. 

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