Saturday, November 3, 2012

Race Bib Display

I love races. 

I love the fact that so many people get together to do something they have worked so hard to do.
I could never throw away a race bib and I wanted some special place I could put them. I wanted to be able to see them everyday and to remember what I have accomplished. 
For my birthday this year my boyfriend, Karl, gave me just that! And to make the present that much better- he made it himself! He used cherry wood and then used a dremel to carve Victory in it. There are two hooks for the top holes in the bibs and then two hooks down at the bottom to hang medals.

Seeing this everyday makes me want to sign up for more and more races. It also keeps me energized for those early morning runs... which are now in the dark and in the chilly chilly cold air- thanks to it being fall!
But weekends are nice because I can go for runs in the middle of the day! 

Geocache Running

Have you heard of geocaching? It's essentially a treasure hunt that anyone can do. People of all ages all around the world are hiding these things called caches and then they post online hints about where you can find them. If you look into your neighborhood or city, there are probably a few hidden there. 

Geocaching is Karl's new favorite thing. So this afternoon we are going to go geocache running! He has a few caches picked out a few miles away that we are going to run to and look for. 

Hopefully we can find them- some of them can be pretty tricky!

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